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Spring has Sprung

Key words and phrases:

arguably: could be said

nuanced: having subtle shades of meaning

budding: producing buds of new plants

embrace: to welcome with enthusiasm

contemplate: deeply consider

enduring: lasting

to name a few: there are more examples, but enough examples have been given

Hello friends.

It was 18 degrees today! We are just weeks away from what is arguably the best time of the year in Japan…cherry blossoms! A time to celebrate the coming of spring. Although not so long ago it was considered to be a symbol of the start of a new school year, that part seems to have changed. Now the season symbolizes the end of the school year, thanks to global warming perhaps.

It is indeed a nuanced time of the year. The weather is getting warmer and the fresh green leaves will soon be budding on the trees. This transition also symbolizes a fresh start, new beginnings and brighter days ahead. It is a short-lived season, reminding us to embrace every precious moment of life; time with family and friends, time at work and at play. Best of all, we can contemplate all of this while sipping green tea and enjoying my favorite seasonal treat, sakura mochi!

Like a bear awakening from a long winter slumber, spring brings to us a new life, new beginnings and allows us to get outside and enjoy more sunlight and outdoor activities. March will also bring us vernal equinox, also known as spring equinox, on March 21 this year. As the name “equinox” implies, it is the day of the year that brings us an equal amount of daylight and darkness. It’s the transitional day followed by longer and warmer days. Perhaps it is our reward for enduring the hardships of winter.

There are many things to love about Japan, the food, the sights, and convenient transportation to name a few, but what really makes Japan shine is its ability to welcome each season through its amazing foods, as already mentioned, sakura mochi, and festivals like ohanami, and does so all year round. Japan has successfully turned each season, food and cultural events into a celebration of life. It’s not a surprise that Japan was recently voted the best tourist destination in the world. Something to think about as we head into this wonderful time of the year. Enjoy the cherry blossoms and the coming of spring everyone…oh…and did I mention sakura mochi?

Wishing you health and happiness always.

Mark Tofflemire

Tailor Made Inc.

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