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Passion and Perseverance

Keywords and phrases:

Concerted effort: determined, serious, done with purpose

commencement: a ceremony at which graduates receive their degrees, diplomas etc.

compelling: evoking interest and attention

in a nutshell: in short, in the fewest possible words

perseverance: doing something despite difficulty

sacrifice: to give up something in order to gain something

injustice: lack of fairness

resonated with: to have particular meaning or importance to someone

winning formula: a combination of things that will likely lead to a good outcome

Hello friends.

It’s mid-summer and it won’t be long until the peak days of heat are behind us. In Canada, it’s a time when university grads start making concerted efforts to look for a job after enjoying the last free summer of their lives; for most, no more 4-month breaks. It is also a time for them to think beyond a paycheck and find something that they are passionate about.

Many famous commencement speakers tell graduates to follow their passion. It is certainly what grads want to hear and creates a great sense of optimism that evokes feelings of joy and usually prompts cheers from the audience. However, I recently saw an interesting interview with Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business. He was not a fan of the “follow your passion” idea and made some compelling arguments as to why that is not a good idea. Let me explain.

In a nutshell, he asserted that a person should find something they are good at and put in hard work, many hours, 10,000 (hours) in fact. Then, endure perseverance, sacrifice, and the injustices that are guaranteed in the workplace. Finally, after you become good at whatever it is you do, you will become passionate about it. His words resonated with me because I thought of the beginning of my journey in Japan, which started out as a 1-year adventure that turned into a career of teaching, something that I’m passionate about.

If I had followed my passion, I am not sure what would have happened. The only thing I was passionate about at that time was travel. Instead, I found something that I enjoyed and after some years of teaching (English), I became passionate about it. Yes, Prof. Galloway seems to have figured out the winning formula to a stable and happy life.

Whatever stage you are at in life right now, find the thing you are good at and keep pushing yourself. Endure the hardships and eventually, you will become passionate about it.

Wishing you health and happiness, always.

Mark Tofflemire

Tailor Made Inc. or

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