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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

“I can see the light at the end of the tunnel” is an expression used in English to express that a challenging time is almost over. In this metaphor, the tunnel itself is dark and surrounds us on all sides. As Japan is a country having many tunnels, we have all passed through our fair share in our lifetime. Some tunnels can be passed through in only a few seconds and others go for 20 minutes or more. The challenges of 2020 make this the longest tunnel that most of us have ever passed through. It is a year of being separated from loved ones, feelings of isolation, and overall concern about the future. Personally, I am not prone to feelings of depression, but I have had my struggles this year. Uncertainty is always an uncomfortable feeling, and, when compounded with separation and isolation, things can become amplified in the mind. I mention this because if you have had similar feelings it may give you comfort to know that you are not alone.

It may be hard to see right now, but I firmly believe that as long as we press on, waking up every day with a willingness to work, brighter days lie ahead. When this is over, we will be proud of our resilience knowing the challenges that we were able to overcome. Furthermore, we will all have a greater appreciation of life and time with friends, family, and even our bosses, not taking those times of togetherness for granted. Remember, each day that we wake up and make efforts to overcome the challenges of the present, we are one day closer to the light at the of the tunnel.

Wishing you perfect health and happiness.

Mark Tofflemire

Tailor Made Inc.

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