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A Year to Grow

Key words and phrases:

Optimist: (n) a person who generally has a positive view about life; (adj.) optimistic

Intriguingly: fascinatingly, interestingly

Fall short of: fail to meet an objective

Rationale: logic behind a decision, reason

Invaluable: highly valuable, priceless

Go through: experience

Virtuous cycle: a positive that leads to a positive

Embrace: welcome with enthusiasm

Hello friends.

Happy New Year! It’s January 2023 and a time to celebrate! But why do we celebrate the New Year? I guess we all agree that it’s an opportunity to leave behind some of the things that we would like to forget about the previous year. Also, it’s a chance to look forward to the things that will happen in the upcoming year. If you are feeling that now, that means you an optimist; and being optimistic is the best way to start a new year.

Intriguingly, like all days, January 1st has a sunrise and sunset, and consists of 24 hours. Like every day, it is filled with moments, some more significant than others. For me, on January 1st, I have a custom of opening my new schedule book and taking a moment to look at all the empty spaces and the days and months that lie ahead and imagine what they may bring; like everyone, they will produce both successes and goals we will fall short of.

It is easy to celebrate the successes, but what do we do about the failures? I guess we can call them failures only if we fail to learn lessons from them. So, by that rationale, as long as we learn from our the things we fail to achieve, they are no longer failures. In fact, Thomas Edison claimed that a “failure” was an invaluable lesson; a lesson on how NOT to do something. Now that’s optimism!

It is true, we must all learn lessons from failures and find growth opportunities in all that we go through. We can grow though what we go through. In doing so, at the end 2023, we can all be stronger, wiser and more prepared for future challenges; a virtuous cycle.

Whatever this year brings, enjoy the successes, learn from the failures and embrace all that is offered on this 365-day journey. I look forward to sharing some of the experiences with you along the way.

Wishing you health and happiness, this New Year and always.

Mark Tofflemire

Tailor Made Inc. or

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